The average person has no idea how difficult quality teaching can be. Writing curriculum, developing lessons, making your own teaching / learning resources, presenting the content to 120 students, managing the classroom, assessing over 600 pages of portfolio content every 6 weeks, providing written and meaningful feedback, etc. etc., is truly hard work.

However, with all that said, I think God I am blessed and fortunate to work in a warm, dry and safe environment, and that other people are willing to do the other hard jobs like these fellows in my neighborhood. Maybe they love their job as I love mine, but wow, that looks hard and dangerous.


Tingting and I took Leo out for another picnic today. Of course, he fell asleep almost immediately so we did not get many good pictures. Tingting and I ate some fruit and ordered Indian delivery. Many, I love the curry and butter chicken here, it’s so good. I’d love to go taste the real thing in India to see the differences.

Tingting and Leo USA FLagLeoJoel's Reflection

I miss you Yangshuo!

I just posted a photo on Facebook and came across this video I posted 4 years ago. Man, I love and really miss Yangshuo, China.

Coming from Oklahoma, land of farmers and beef herders, I’m always a bit impressed and weirded out but the local selection of clams, crabs, turtle and . . . whatever some of this stuff is.

Takashimaya has a really awesome PacMan exhibit this week, I so wish I had this at home!! This version of Air Hockey is so awesome. Check out those scores, 83 to 52 when I stopped recording.

Who wouldn’t want a 8 foot tall LED PacMac arcade?

PacMan Big Board

The 3rd is my father in-law’s birthday, so today Tingting and I took him out for lunch and then had cake at home. We ate lunch at this yummy place on the 7th floor of the Japanese Takashimaya building.



What a great day!

We took little Leo out for a long walk today, and stopped off Ā in a small park to just sit and enjoy the weather.

Leo Found a Friend

This might be Leo’s first attempt to legitimately reach out and touch something on his own. He just turned 8 weeks old yesterday, so this is a big milestone. It seems Donald and Tigger have really grabbed his attention.

I can’t wait for this place to open. Ya, it’s totally ripping Starbucks, but it’s across the street and I’ll be there every day! šŸ™‚

Mancat Coffee

Met CNN Anchor Ms. Sachi Koto

Today at school, we had the pleasure of welcoming a guest speaker, former CNN anchorĀ Ms. Sachi Koto. She gave an hour longĀ presentation to our G6-12 students about her life,Ā battling and overcoming discrimination, and offering advice for success.