Thomas is living the Dream

So Thomas called the other day and then shared these photos. Seems his buddy and he went someplace and rocked out some VR games, then won a pink bear!! Ya, that’s living the Dream for sure! Lol

He is finally rolling over!

And in other news, Tingting’s Dad got out of surgery just fine and will be moving in with us for a month or two. Having grandparents here for Leo will be great, though Tingting’s mom insists on pointing to, and telling me to eat everything she sees at meal times….

Happy New Orbit!!!

So, I had this geeky idea. Instead of asking “how OLD are you?” Or saying “I’m 39 years OLD”, why not up our collective IQ and get sciency (yes, I know sciency is not a word) and ask “what’s your orbit count?” To which I could answer “I have 39 orbits”. I like it!

Birth orbit: 1979

Orbital count: 39

Orbits till 2020: 1

Ya, that totally works for me, so Happy New Orbit!

My beautiful wife in Hainan

Leo and Tingting are traveling in Hainan, enjoying the sun and warmth!

Chinese cakes look so good!!


Lovely walk with family

Just a walk, good times and good snacks in the way.


Leo knows the good stuff, but does not realize he is not actually having it! Lol

Where have I been?

Well, one week ago today, I went to Huashan Hospital for a 2nd opinion about a booboo I had. 8 hours later, I was in surgery. I spent two nights there and finally got home soon after. However, I have to go back everyday for a tortious cleaning…. seriously, this experience has sucked so bad!! The silver lining though this has helped remind me that sometimes, Life’s dog takes a poop on you, and you just gotta wash it off and move on! 🙂


In 8 years I only remember 4 times that it snowed in shanghai. I love it, just wish it would accumulate a bit.

Leo be like, wow!

Lol such a cute photo!