I have been improving my CAD and 3D printing skills! Haha I started with a finished model that I downloaded from ThiniVerse, but had to modify it for our school’s printers which could not handle the job. Had to rebuild a couple parts from scratch. Then I built the stand also. It’s been fun…. Unfortunately the PLA material shrank during the process and several parts don’t fit right, but I’ll try to fix that will some kind of filler, paint and grit! 🙂

And Leonard looked forth upon the masses and said, “You are blessed, now bring me some food.”

We took Leo out last night and again today, and discovered along the way, that he loves slides!! Haha we have to hold him the whole way down, and up of course, but he loves it so much!

I added a blue acrylic window and a wood frame. I’m debating on a few more exterior changes or additions, not sure yet.

Again, I “found” the house online, but made the rest. I easily could have designed the house, probably should have, but I was in a hurry! Lol

Something cool!

Been building a LED light box with a Halloween them. So far, I’m pretty please with it, though it’s far from done. I was inspired by some the great work my 7th grade students have made in their design class. I’m also hoping that this Light box will inspire them next year to make something even better than what they did this year.

Tingting took Leo to go swim for the first time in about two weeks. It was almost as if he had never been there before. He seemed to hate the experience. The first couple times he went, he cried in the beginning, but always settled in quickly and had a good time. This time however, he just cried a lot. Has he forgotten that he’s been there before? Or has he changed his mind and decided that he does not like it? So hard to say with a 9 month baby. Fortunately he really enjoys the activities outside of the pool.

We celebrated her big 40 yesterday! It was great. I custom designed a nine piece heart shaped puzzle, and laser cut poems on each piece. Then I hid the pieces around the house and each one had a clue to help find the next one. The first piece was presented to her by Leo. The second one was attached to some chocolates, the 4th one had an iPhone case on it with a battery built-in, the 7th one had an Apple HomePod speaker that she really wanted. Of course, the last piece was on me, and it had a gold necklace with it. All in all, she said she had a wonderful day, and loved the game and gifts. I’m so happy that I can make her happy!

These are some flowers I had delivered to her office, and a few others I had delivered to our house.

Little push ups!

Of course he is not doing push ups at 8 months old, but the shots are great, he did lift up on his own. We took him to a photo shoot and, though long it was, we got some really amazing pictures. These were just snapped on her phone, so not the final pic. Tingting is so awesome for organizing these kinds of things.

The bottom two photos are not from the studio, just fun shots from home.

Tough choices

I swear Leo is checking out the menu, trying to decide what to order…. lol

Tingting, Leo and I had a great day walking along Huhui Binjiang in Shanghai. It’s a really fun place, and great for kids. Tons of interesting spots such as a long public climbing wall with arches, retired shipping loaders that are converted into observation platforms, and much more. There’s also a museum or three along the path and several cafes, a couple that are really good!

Xuhui Binjiang is a rapidly growing and scenic spot south of the Bund on the Huangpu River. Some of the coolest stuff, like the bridge, climbing walls, Rucker Park, etc. are all between Fenggu Lu & Dong’an Lu, on the Puxi side (west side) of the river.