That was fast….

“OK, need new clothes for Leo” 

  • Shop Saturday
  • Bought online Sunday
  • Arrived Tuesday
  • Too small already…

UDPATE: Daddy learned from Mommy that the outfit Leo was wearing below, was not bought on Sunday, but was a gift from a friend . . . . still too small already 😦 and it says “6-9 months”! LOL


Cats & Coffee

Who doesn’t love StarBucks and cats 1st thing in the morning?!?!  🙂

Cat Starbucks

Dinner with Friends

We don’t  take Leo out much, but last night was an exception. Our good friends Vera and Claes joined us for a short walk and dinner. They’re expecting a baby girl any day now and will move shortly after that to Sweden.

I’ve known Very since 2012, and she’s been one of my closest friends while living in Shanghai. I will miss her very much when she leaves, but I’m so happy she is about to start such an exciting and wonderful new adventure with her husband.

Joel Tingting Vera Claes

Family time :)

It was a beautiful day here in Shanghai. Tingting’s sister and parents came to visit. They brought us some duck, homemade bread, corn on the cob and some other great yummies. The food was good, but naturally, they just wanted to see Leo. 🙂


Netflix Account Stolen!

Around 10:03 pm exactly, see what I did there . . . . I got an email that my Netflix password had been changed. When I tried to log in and reset it, Netflix said my email address is not recognized . . . . 10 minutes later, I’m on the phone and verifying my account info with customer service. Yep, someone in Venezuela hacked my account, changed all the info, and locked me out. We got it fixed, but then I spent the next hour changing passwords on ever other site I use.

All in all, thanks Venezuela dude for giving me the motivation I needed to update my security credentials! LOL


Giving and receiving. :)

Every Wednesday since the school year started, I’ve been giving small snacks to each of the teachers on my floor. The first week I gave simple lolly pops, last week I gave everyone a Snickers candy bar and this week I gave away little bags of potato chips.

Why Wednesday, for most teachers at SCIS, it’s the longest day of the week. Most of us have meetings after school then we still need to plan or grade papers in the evening.

So far, everyone seems to really love the weekly snack, and I’ve had a great time being a good neighbor. But today, something really cool happened. Right as school was about to start, one of the 7 teachers on my floor came around, and delivered everyone a little Chinese Moonpie!

See, kindness is infectious! If we all share a little joy and kindness everyday, then life gets better for everyone!


Thomas Rocks!


So Thomas is now in his 2nd year of college. He transferred last summer from OSU to TCC in Tulsa, and it’s been so awesome for him! He’s got his own apartment, building and making so many new things, and even got a new job to pay the bills. I’m so proud of him and all he’s accomplishing! Check these out…..

He made his own free standing wall desk and with homemade custom “spotlight” lamps, made out of food cans and rope! So cool!

Thomas' Desk

He built a PC from components he salvaged and a few he bought.

Thomas' PC

He’s even trying to be creative at his new job where he helped decorate the office! LOL

Pizza Boxes.jpg