Coming from Oklahoma, land of farmers and beef herders, I’m always a bit impressed and weirded out but the local selection of clams, crabs, turtle and . . . whatever some of this stuff is.

Takashimaya has a really awesome PacMan exhibit this week, I so wish I had this at home!! This version of Air Hockey is so awesome. Check out those scores, 83 to 52 when I stopped recording.

Who wouldn’t want a 8 foot tall LED PacMac arcade?

PacMan Big Board

The 3rd is my father in-law’s birthday, so today Tingting and I took him out for lunch and then had cake at home. We ate lunch at this yummy place on the 7th floor of the Japanese Takashimaya building.



What a great day!

We took little Leo out for a long walk today, and stopped off Ā in a small park to just sit and enjoy the weather.

Leo Found a Friend

This might be Leo’s first attempt to legitimately reach out and touch something on his own. He just turned 8 weeks old yesterday, so this is a big milestone. It seems Donald and Tigger have really grabbed his attention.

I can’t wait for this place to open. Ya, it’s totally ripping Starbucks, but it’s across the street and I’ll be there every day! šŸ™‚

Mancat Coffee

Met CNN Anchor Ms. Sachi Koto

Today at school, we had the pleasure of welcoming a guest speaker, former CNN anchorĀ Ms. Sachi Koto. She gave an hour longĀ presentation to our G6-12 students about her life,Ā battling and overcoming discrimination, and offering advice for success.

Bird vs Scooter Cover

I shot this video a few months ago, but man is it funny. On a beautiful spring day in Shanghai, it decided to use the insulation of somebody’s scooter blanket to build a new home. LOL


Slow Motion Butterfly

I shot this short video of a butterfly in Hainan during a school service trip to The Bright Connection, an orphanage for abandoned children with cerebral palsy.

When I moved to Shanghai in 2011, air pollution was so bad that schools closed a few times each year and encourage their students to stay indoors all day. We measure air pollution with the AQI (Air Quality Index) scale, that ranges from 0 to 500. Anything over 50 is bad, and it was believed no inhabitable place could exceed 500. Well, we passed 500 several times. The air was so bad, you could not see buildings across the street! Fast forward to 2017, and Beijing has been taking incredible steps to improve China’s air. The results have been so positive, it’s almost like living in a whole new city. The once eternally white and gray skies are now beautifully decorated with clouds and various sunsets of reds and oranges.