Thanksgiving & Giving Thanks day 3

Jeremy Burton is my oldest friend and someone I’m super thankful to have in my life. Through the very worst tribulations I’ve endured, he stood next to me, strong as a rock, lending me strength and support. Jeremy calls things the way he sees it, is willing to put me in my place if I’m wrong, and able to let me challenge him as well. We talk openly about work, school, family, guns and even politics. We listen to each other, often not agreeing, but always learning from one another and taking to heart what we hear.

When people move around the world as I have, friends tend to lose touch and grow distant. In my case, I am especially bad at staying in touch, but he is not. Every week or so, he messages to check in on me, and reminds me of his evolving, sometimes revolving interests! It’s true that Jeremy and I have moved apart in a few ways, but the fact is every time I go home, we pick right up were we left off. He is a good father, a loving husband to Jami Creazzo-Burton, and a great and loyal man.

I know as sure as I breath air, that one day we’ll be lounging in lawn chairs, watching our grandkids celebrate the 4th of July. We’ll be drinking a beer and wondering where our hair went, but we’ll still be friends. Life long friends like him are hard to find, and I thank God we found each other.

Here he is rocking the Cow Bell at the Humanitarian Bowl in January, 2004 with the Sound of the Golden Hurricane.


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