Thanksgiving & Giving Thanks pt. 2

Thanksgiving & Giving Thanks day 2 – Dan Kerr is a remarkable and beautiful human being. His positivity and heartfelt leadership has inspired me since the day I met him in 2011. In part because of him, I strive not just for excellence in my job as a teacher, but to be a holistic educator who aims to make meaningful and positive impacts on the lives of the people around me.

People who know him, describe Dan as being insanely positive, charismatic, thoughtful, caring, genuine, always supportive, someone who goes above and beyond every day, totally balanced, and so much more. I miss his leadership and guidance, but I am thankful I got to know him when I did.

So Dan, thank you for being the great leader, mentor, and friend that you were for me! William Raduchel said “Don’t pick a job, pick a boss.” If I could pick, I’d pick you any day!

Dan Kerr is the Lower School Director at American School of Paris.

Check out his heartwarming educational blog at or his TEDx talk at

Here’s one of my favorite photos of Dan, along with myself Billy Krugger at SCIS for a MS Halloween party in 2012.

Joel, Dan and Billy SCIS Halloween 20112

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