Giving and Receiving, pt 2

Back in September, I posted a picture of myself and a small gift that one of my coworkers gave me in response to my Happy Wednesday Treats. If you missed it, every Wednesday, I deliver a small snack (Soda, Kinder Joy eggs, crackers, etc.) to each of the 7 teachers on my floor. It’s just something I do for fun and to make our days a tiny bit brighter. Today, two of the science teachers surprised me before school started with a Christmas chocolate Advent Calendar. I don’t expect anything in response for my insignificant act of kindness, but it shows they appreciate my efforts, and I certainly appreciate theirs!!

As I said in the first post, kindness is infectious! If we all share a little joy and kindness everyday, then life gets better for everyone!”

Thank you Venus and Dawn, you two are the best! 🙂


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