Learning, building, sharing

I’m teaching a new unit in my grade 6 Design classes where the kids are researching, planning and developing some original toothbrush holders. As of this week, they are starting to print them using our 3D printers, which means in the last few weeks I’ve been teaching myself to use our school’s CAD/CAM software, and it’s been a lot of fun. I’ll post more pictures later, but today I designed and printed a 10×10 cm desk organizer, last week I made a 10×12 cm wall sign in the style of my university’s TU logo, and I made some 6 sided dice that used Roman numerals rather than the traditional dice. I also made some plant water trays today for another teacher. It’s amazing how you can get an idea, draft it out on the computer, and say “print”… then 2 hours later have a real, tangible, 3 dimensional object!!! The quality of our printers leave a lot to be desired, but they are rather amazing nonetheless.

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