Giving and receiving. :)

Every Wednesday since the school year started, I’ve been giving small snacks to each of the teachers on my floor. The first week I gave simple lolly pops, last week I gave everyone a Snickers candy bar and this week I gave away little bags of potato chips.

Why Wednesday, for most teachers at SCIS, it’s the longest day of the week. Most of us have meetings after school then we still need to plan or grade papers in the evening.

So far, everyone seems to really love the weekly snack, and I’ve had a great time being a good neighbor. But today, something really cool happened. Right as school was about to start, one of the 7 teachers on my floor came around, and delivered everyone a little Chinese Moonpie!

See, kindness is infectious! If we all share a little joy and kindness everyday, then life gets better for everyone!


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