I know I am leaving Shanghai soon, and that I’ve already said goodbye to so many wonderful friends and people who have already moved on, but tonight I had to give an especially hard goodbye.

When I moved to Shanghai, my life was completely different. I came here in 2011 on a two year mission to land a job in Moscow with my then wife, Natasha. She however, had other plans and left me in February. Nonetheless, I stayed here and in the summer of 2012, I met an amazing soul who would become one of closest friends I have ever had.

Vera and I met on a dating site, and discovered after we met that we lived in the same compound, in adjacent buildings, that literally looked into each other’s living rooms. Imagine that, the largest city in the world and I met a stranger online, who I had lived next to for a year, and did not know.

Vera had just recently lost her fiancé to cancer, and I lost my wife because, well because she was unfaithful. So while Vera and I played at dating for two weeks, we soon found we made much better friends. We were both still hurting in our own ways, but we found support and comfort in one another. Over the next 6 years, we helped each other through all nature of struggles and celebrations. I thank God for our friendship and our time together.

Eventually Vera and Tingting became friends, and life was good. Now, in roughly 28 hours, she will board a plane and fly to Sweden with her baby girl Kayleen, and husband Claes. I don’t know when I will see them again, but I hope it will be soon.

Yes, of course life closes and opens doors all the time, but I am so tired of saying goodbye to people I love. I know it is not really goodbye, we have Skype, WeChat, etc., but those will never replace the great comfort of dinner and laughter with friends and family in your living room, restaurant or God knows where.

Vera…. I wish you a safe flight, and I hope and pray that your new life in Sweden will be everything you wish you for. I miss you already, and I cannot wait to see you again, be it there, in America, or back in Shanghai.

Tingting and I have Leonard, you have Claes and Kayleen. We have come a long, long way together, and I am certain our shared adventures will resume one day soon.

Leo is 100 days young!

In China, they have a tradition of shaving a baby’s head when they reach 100 days old. Well, today Leo got to celebrate that tradition, and here is the result….. a beautiful baby with a shaved head! Lol

My Totoro!

I bought this super cute Totoro hoodie for Tingting at least 1 or 2 years ago, she finally decided to wear it! Hahah

Time to shave that head!

In China, it is traditional to shave a baby’s head on their 100 day birth anniversary. As such, the day arrived and Tingting shaved little Leo! 🙂

Leo Shaved head 100 days

Thomas Voted!!!!

I’m so proud of my son, he just voted today for the first time!

While the election is still going on as I write this, I’m so pleased to see that we’ve elected the most gender diverse congressional body in our country’s history. As of this moment, at least 90 women have been elected, which beats the previous record of 84. It’s a long way from half, but it’s a good step in the write direction!

Otherwise, it was a day of firsts. We elected our first Native American woman, first Muslim woman, first openly gay governor. . . here’s some more firsts: https://edition.cnn.com/2018/11/07/politics/historic-firsts-midterms/index.html 

I’m so happy to see the government looking more an more like our actual population.

Thomas Voted

I walked into StarBucks yesterday, and was delighted to realize for the first time this year that Christmas is on the way! 🙂 Lately, I’ve been so busy with life and work, that I seldom feel I have time to stop and enjoy the world around me. As such, this Wall of Red was a wonderful reminder…. It’s also especially fun to see this in China.

Starbucks Red Cups

I have not decided what to do next. Stain it, paint the house colors on the background, or sand it down and hang it. Maybe frame it in a box? too many choices…..

And no, it’s not for sale, that would be a copywriter infringement… I’m making this for myself, to hang in my classroom and maybe at home 🙂

Hogwarts Crest

6th Graders are Amazing

Give a class of 6th graders 50 minutes to design and then 3D print a phone stand, and they can come up with some great ideas. The design challenge I gave them was to design and print a phone stand, that can hold their phones in both portrait and landscape orientation, and be printable in under 2.5 hours, which set’s a limitation on material usage. Here are 2 of my favorite designs from one class.


What does an angel look like?

What does an angel look like? …… Well, a lot like this! 🙂

Leo 1 Nov 3 2018Leo 2 Nov 3 2018Leo 3 Nov 3 2018

It is official!

It seems having the appropriate apparel is not enough for my ever inquisitive and outgoing middle school students…. “Mr. Sutton, how do you KNOW you belong in Slytherin? Have you been sorted at Pottermore?”

Well, yes I have in fact, I have!