It was such an amazing day. The weather was a perfect 24ºC (75ºF) and there was a constant yet soft drizzle of rain that was just enough to feel, but not enough to get you wet. So, I took the metro down to Laoximen Station where I walked through the anime market which seems to be slowing dying ^sad face^, then through some really old neighborhoods that was so full of life with kids running around, dogs and cats playing, grandparents cooking outside, people playing cards, mahjong, etc…. I eventually found the bund, and walked along the river till I came to East Nanjing, at which point I took a few other roads less traveled as I explored onwards. In all, it was a great day.


We came, we saw, we accomplished! Our rush to the embassy worked out great! We got our papers and I even got 25,000 steps in today as I explored Guangzhou on foot. I walked along the Zhujiang river, explored the Guangdong Museum, and did some luxury shopping at the IGC mall, though I bought nothing. Tingting had to work, so she spent all day Tuesday doing that….. 😦 anyway, it was still a good trip. Worst part was our flight home got delayed and we landed at 1 am! Regardless, I hope to go back to Guangzhou someday to see more of it.

The consulate in Guangzhou is really nice, though like all American consulates, the outside security and check in is confusing and the staff are rude…. anyway, it was cool to see the US givernment showing some much needed support for the LGB community, especially here in China. 🙂


Tingting and I came to Guangzhou today. We have a bit of snag in our travel plans to the USA and we’re hoping the US embassy here can help out. Otherwise, we took the evening and walked around our hotel tonight and enjoyed a bit of the local atmosphere. we found this old building / temple, but Tingting said it is not old, just built in the old style. Inside was lovely, but it was clear it indeed was not an ancient Buddhist temple. Regardless, it was really pretty and a great addition to the neighborhood.

Just having a bit of fun with the laser cutter, and making example resources for my design classes.

Leo is a Star

We finally got our photos back from a studio we took Leo to. They turned out really nice.

Playtime at Lillyput

We took Leo to Lillyput again, and he really enjoyed it so much more now that he is crawling and scooting about. He was mesmerized by the other kids jumping and playing. He also got to enjoy a large dish of mixed fruits… we discovered he hates grapefruit so much it almost made him cry!!! First two bites and he sorta coughed and look unhappy, third bite and the tears started to build!! Lol had to switch back to dragon fruit and orange quickly! Orange is his favorite for sure!

I have been improving my CAD and 3D printing skills! Haha I started with a finished model that I downloaded from ThiniVerse, but had to modify it for our school’s printers which could not handle the job. Had to rebuild a couple parts from scratch. Then I built the stand also. It’s been fun…. Unfortunately the PLA material shrank during the process and several parts don’t fit right, but I’ll try to fix that will some kind of filler, paint and grit! 🙂

And Leonard looked forth upon the masses and said, “You are blessed, now bring me some food.”

We took Leo out last night and again today, and discovered along the way, that he loves slides!! Haha we have to hold him the whole way down, and up of course, but he loves it so much!