Little push ups!

Of course he is not doing push ups at 8 months old, but the shots are great, he did lift up on his own. We took him to a photo shoot and, though long it was, we got some really amazing pictures. These were just snapped on her phone, so not the final pic. Tingting is so awesome for organizing these kinds of things.

The bottom two photos are not from the studio, just fun shots from home.

Tough choices

I swear Leo is checking out the menu, trying to decide what to order…. lol

Tingting, Leo and I had a great day walking along Huhui Binjiang in Shanghai. It’s a really fun place, and great for kids. Tons of interesting spots such as a long public climbing wall with arches, retired shipping loaders that are converted into observation platforms, and much more. There’s also a museum or three along the path and several cafes, a couple that are really good!

Xuhui Binjiang is a rapidly growing and scenic spot south of the Bund on the Huangpu River. Some of the coolest stuff, like the bridge, climbing walls, Rucker Park, etc. are all between Fenggu Lu & Dong’an Lu, on the Puxi side (west side) of the river.



A fun day for Leo

Leo had a pretty good day, and we though we’d share a bit of it. 🙂

Making a TU chocolate

Not yet complete, but I just made a smile for a TU chocolate. I’ll mix the chocolate soon. 🙂

Tingting bought a kiddy fence online 2nd hand, then we repurposed a small area rug and a picnic mat, and it looks great! Leo seems to love it, and is moving all over that space on his own. He still mostly moves by rolling over, but he is able to push backwards, and with great effort, he can move forward about 4 inches at a time.

I want!

Don’t ask me why, but I want these so bad! Ban Dai makes the coolest toys. I found these in Takashimaya. I did not buy them if course, as everything in Takashimaya is at least twice as expensive as it should be. Maybe I’ll hunt TaoBao later.

Spring is near!

Spring is almost here. We took Leo out for a bit of fun yesterday, though he did not enjoy it as much as we did.

SCIS is remarkable! In the photo below, you can see 4 iPhones and at least 4 laptops laying around. The kids leave them when they go to the gym, lunch, etc. Nobody steals them, messes with them, or anything. It really is wonderful, to work someplace so safe.